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There comes a time in every mans life when you’re caught in the crosswinds, that fight or flight moment when you decide to say “fuck it, I’m all in.”

When I was 14 years old, I remember doodling business ideas in a notebook after hearing about all the innovations taking place in Silicon Valley. The days of AOL and dial up internet, wondering how the future will unfold. A first generation hispanic male with big aspirations for making a dent in the universe. Fast forward 17 years later I see another opportunity taking place, only this time the opportunity is MUCH bigger, and that’s because of Bitcoin and the blockchain industry that has unfolded. Specifically the innovation taking place in Miami, reminds me of the Gold Rush days of California, only this time it’s the digital gold rush that is Bitcoin.

The City of Miami is embracing the digital revolution, led by Mayor Francis Suarez. Miami is setting out to be the Crypto Capital of the World and at Mr. Block, we’re here to help the cause by providing an educational on-ramp into crypto. It was a pleasure meeting Mayor Suarez and other like minded individuals at the Bitcoin Miami conference.

Bitcoin Miami Conference Cocktail Party @SLS

The energy this past week was electric. Bitcoin is a community of honey badgers that can’t be stopped. From meeting investors, entrepreneurs, artists, traders, developers.. you name it, they were all there! As Raul Pal would say, “The supermassive blackhole that is Bitcoin will suck in everything.”

The breaking news of El Salvador accepting Bitcoin as legal currency certainly hit home. My parents are immigrants from Guatemala and Uruguay, having never understood basic finances they were taught to obey the rules of the system, work several jobs, and make ends meet only to get robbed by inflation and sold on a failing fiat currency. When they immigrated to the United States they were promised a better future in America.

All my life I was told to follow rules and obey the system. After seeing my mother struggle for years to bring me the life I have, I decided that the traditional route wasn’t for me. I needed to embark on a new journey, an ambitious one that hasn’t been paved. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but after finding Bitcoin I realized this is a bet I was willing to go all-in on both financially and entrepreneurially.

During Covid, I was blessed with time and curiosity to dive deep down the rabbit hole, and what I discovered was transformative: A new world of technology that hardly anyone understands, a market outpacing the rate at which individuals are becoming educated on the topic, a technology so disruptive that will decentralize and bring equilibrium to most power dynamics, an asset class emerging from its infancy that can liberate one’s financial freedom. Blockchain Technology is way too important and must be adopted, which is why I created Mr. Block.

America 2.0 is being reinvented by individuals like you and I. We dare to think different, challenge the status quo, and fight for what we believe in. Bitcoin and the entire community surrounding blockchain is my new found family. A family and legacy that’s worth dying for ..

At Mr Block, We were born to serve the community and be the go-to resource for driving collaboration, education, and participation for crypto newbies and experienced blockchain enthusiasts . Our mission is to simplify crypto education, while serving as an on-ramp into the decentralized economy.

The Mr. Block Foundry

The Mr. Block Foundry believes there is a major trend underway towards the “decentralization and tokenization of everything.” We aspire to a world where ethical incentives, sound protocols and hard money dictate how parties perceive value and exchange goods/services. A world that maximized benefit for all members of any given economy or sub-economy.

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